About The Jonah Group

The Jonah Group are a global industry leader, partnering with global organisations to achieve breakthrough results in safety, mental health and leadership.

We are committed to making a lasting difference that fundamentally shifts the lives of the people we work with. We believe that every person has the right to live an extraordinary life that they love. Safety is the foundation, mental health and wellbeing the access, and leadership the catalyst.

It’s our passion.

In this webinar series, you will learn:

  • How to Become a Conscious Leader

    This webinar series will help you explore how you and others are likely to respond to stress and create simple strategies to support you and your team.

  • How to Lead Teams Remotely

    Explore strategies to lead and care for remote teams. Maintaining team connectivity from a distance and leading in a heightened state of care.

  • How to Prevent Mental Illness

    Learn how to self-care effectively for you as a leader and the people you are connected to. Our commitment to self-care was average at best pre-COVID.

Featured Instructors

Our expert instructors are here to support your team

Head of Mental Health & Principal Consultant

Anna Feringa

Anna is an award-winning International Speaker, Trainer and Workplace Mental Health Consultant. She is a leading expert in topics including Mental Health awareness, leadership and Mental Health, and best practice workplace Mental Health.

With over 17-years’ consulting experience, Anna supports employers by helping them see that embracing Mental Health in the workplace can help prevent injury and drive a great culture. She helps Australian business transition from fearful and confused, to confident and responsive when faced with Mental Health challenges in the workplace.

With the perfect blend of humour and expertise, Anna has an engaging stage presence that audiences’ truly connect with making her a highly sought-after advisor and keynote speaker.

Global Solutions Director

Nada Wentzel

Nada is a charismatic master coach, facilitator and international speaker. Her passion and energy are contagious. With qualifications in Mechanical Engineering, Neuroscience and Organisational Psychology, Nada brings a unique fusion of knowledge and experience.

Nada loves the beach, her fur baby, travelling with her family and volunteering her time working with young women to activate their dreams.


Robert Wentzel

Robert is the founder and Managing Director of The Jonah Group. He is genuinely passionate about safety and making a real difference from the board room to the front line. In 1999, Robert was involved in a horrific accident which left him with burns to 15 per cent of his body. The accident led to a life-long inquiry to discover why smart people are capable of such stupid mistakes.

Rob has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and more than 30 years of experience in high hazard industries including oil & gas, mining, construction, explosives, and manufacturing. He has a reputation for converting the unconvertable and creating a sustainable shift in people’s attitudes, behaviour, and mindset to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

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    These purchases are for individual use only.

    If you would like an organisational wide licence, please contact us:

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  • How long does the licence last?

    The purchase of each webinar is valid for 6 months (183 days)

  • Can you help with tailored webinar for my organisation?

    Absolutely we can!!!

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What people are saying:


Plant Manager

The Jonah Group made a substantial contribution to the development of our factory personnel. As a result the morale and productivity increased significantly. Working with the Jonah Group was a refreshing and very pleasant experience and we look forward to the continuation of our relationship.

ExxonMobil, Norway

Drilling Superintendent

Our team resembled the United Nations of the oil and gas industry – different people, countries and companies. Our challenge was to align and unite our team. We did it. The Jonah Group were instrumental. They helped us align, build our leadership and team capability and achieve our goals. The bonus – personal growth was remarkable.

George Weston Foods

National OHS Manager

The Jonah Group worked with us to develop a customised approach to safety conversations: to interrupt at-risk behaviour and acknowledge safe behaviour. The training was relevant, challenging and really fun.

SPC Ardmona

National OHS Manager

It’s been a real pleasure working with the Jonah Group. They really listen and respond to what we need. They don’t try and sell us services we don’t need. They provide old school customer service with a modern, fun, innovative edge.


Cor­porate SHE Manager

The Jonah Group has significantly contributed to major initiatives that have contributed to our improved Safety Performance including measuring our Safety Culture and developing our Safety Leadership capabilities.

Master Builders Association

Executive Officer Safety & Risk

Seriously one of the most comprehensive mental health awareness workshops I’ve attended in recent years. The Jonah Group easily captured everyone’s attention with their excellent subject matter. Very thankful to be part of it.

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